A Weekend in The Lake District

At the end of February me, Jack and four of our closest friends spent a long weekend in an incredible house in The Lake District.

We started looking for places to stay on airbnb just before Christmas and found quaint little cottages, renovated barns and the like, but after happening upon Eller How House everywhere else quickly took a backseat.

Eller How is an unusual regency villa located just 10 minutes south of the stunning Lake Windermere, and I genuinely don’t think I’ll ever stop in a house like it again. It was built in 1827 by George Webster – an architect who’s known to have drawn up plans for William Wordsworth (!!) – and it looks like something plucked straight out of a children’s fairytale. It has so many unusual features including a collection of heads holding up the ceiling in the master bedroom (which are quite unsettling at night, I must add) and the most adorable little balcony that’s only accessible from the bedroom window.

The house sits on 12 acres of private land and boasts a HUGE pond (which I naively kept calling a lake) with it’s own bridge/walkway, as well as lots of mini-landmarks such as ruined follies and stone benches. The welcome pack actually includes a little map of the property that’s been sketched out by someone so you can find your way around.

The place is so full of character and charm – we really couldn’t believe how lucky we’d been to stumble across it. The owners even brought us a homemade jam sponge when we arrived which was lovely (both the gesture and the cake itself). The only issue for me was how unnerving it could be at night. I’m used to a bit of light from street lamps casting through the window at night, and sounds from the occasional car driving past, but here it’s deathly quiet constantly and so, so dark. The first night, lying in bed, I’m pretty sure I could hear my own heart beating which was unsettling and a little surreal!

Although I could have quite happily sat in the drawing room – no, not the living room/lounge, the God damn DRAWING ROOM – the entire weekend, working my way through the stacks and stacks of incredible books on the shelves, we did get up and out to explore some of The Lake District including an 8+ mile walk around Lake Windermere, a trip into quaint Coniston and a drive up Kirkstone Pass, one of the highest roads in England.


Three days was definitely not long enough though and there’s still so much I’d love to see in and around The Lake District (namely visits to the houses of William Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter) so we’ll definitely be back. We were extremely lucky with the weather – clear blue skies all weekend – but I bet it’s even more stunning in the height of summer!