A long overdue “hello!”

I’ve spent so long wanting to create my own slice of the internet, yet all this time has been wasted trying to convince myself of all the reasons why I couldn’t and shouldn’t. But you know what? I am. Because I can. I know that I can write and I have the urge to do so – to create and share and build a little corner of the web that I can call my very own.

I’d be lying if I said I’m convinced that this space will be different to any other blog you may have read, because to be entirely honest I have no idea how Chatterday will end up. Maybe it’s only destined to live a very short and mediocre life, but perhaps it will take off in ways I can’t yet imagine. Who knows? It doesn’t matter right now. All I care about is the fact I now have this little project to work on and build and we’ll see what happens from here on out.

Obviously, I’m really new to this whole blogging malarky and in many ways I have no idea where to start. My brain is like a beehive at the minute, so I’ll just keep chipping away at said ideas and we’ll see what happens.

If you’re reading this and have any helpful words of advice to a blogging rookie, please let me know. It looks like I’m going to need any help I can get!