10 Things I Love the Most

I’d been toying with the idea of drafting a ‘Things You Should Know About Me’ type post, but quickly realised that my life isn’t actually that interesting. Unfortunately, there probably isn’t anything anyone desperately needs to know about me straight off the bat, besides what’s listed on my ‘About‘ page – how depressing!

So instead, in order to give a bit of insight about me without boring anyone half to death, I thought I’d compile a quick list of 10 little things I love the most, because to me life really is all about “the little things.”

1. Blankets and cushions

I’m a real scatter cushion and blanket hoarder. I’ve got far too many for the size of our house, but I love nothing more than curling up surrounded by fluffy pillows, snuggled under a fresh blanket.

2. My pets

We have a gorgeous tabby cat (Ernie) and two pet bunnies called William and Mabel. They can be a pain in the ass but I love them dearly – they never fail to put a smile on my face. We also have a pretty huge 200 litre fish tank in our living room, which has been and continues to be a labour of love.

3. Kisses on the forehead

My heart literally melts whenever my boyfriend kisses me on the head. It’s something very small and I know that some people deem it to be a bit patronising, but I feel like it’s one of the most affectionate and understated gestures in the book.

4. New book smell

There is literally nothing better than flicking through a new book and getting that whiff of pages and ink. It’s a very homely and comforting smell – I don’t think I’ll ever tire of it!

5. Good food

Bit of a generic one – who doesn’t like good food? – but I love being able to tuck into amazing food whether it be at home, at family/friends’ or out at a restaurant. I will NEVER turn down a good old Chinese takeaway, but my all-time favourite home cooked meal has to be my step-mum’s Shepherds Pie. I could quite easily eat it every single day – no shame.

6. Blue sky days

Again, bit of a generic one. I’m not a sun worshiper in any sense of the term, potentially because I have really sensitive skin and tend to burn to a crisp rather than tan, but I do love a clear, blue sky. As such, spring is probably my favourite season, as you get those beautiful bright days where there’s not a cloud in sight, but there’s also a cool breeze. Bliss.

7. Clean sheets/clean house

This sort of relates back to my first point, but nothing is better than being able to settle on the sofa for the evening knowing that the house is clean and tidy. Even better when you can climb into a bed with fresh sheets (blankets and scatter cushions), too!

8. Traffic-less car journeys

I confess, I can be quite the impatient brat. I HATE queuing – I think I inherited this trait from my Dad as he was exactly the same, if not worse – and so traffic is my worst nightmare. Commutes to work when I don’t have to queue once are perfection but few and far between, so I relish them when I can.

9. Lie-ins

Weekends where Jack and I can lounge in bed till mid-day are few and far between, but that’s all the more reason to cherish them. I just LOVE going to bed in the evening and not having to set an alarm. Of course, breakfast in bed makes it even better.

10. Gatherings

I love having friends/family round for some drinks and good food. I’d choose this over a night in a club any day of the week!